Salutor, the frequency of wellbeing

Just as every situation has its alternative, for every story we find different points of view that can be reflected within the art of change.

Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral

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Give a moment under the Christmas tree that will bring experience, joy and improvement of mental well-being.

Salutor provides you with space to gain a different perspectives in your personal as well as professional life. Stepping back from your daily responsibilities allows you to discover new possibilities, be closer to your dreams and visions and make decisions that feel right to you.

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Our tips

Restart from everyday stress

Salutor as a space to recharge your batteries and get quality rest

Learn techniques to gain energy, take a rest from demanding lifestyle and find balance between responsibilities and your goals.

Special edition of Christmas experiences

Support the satisfaction in relationship

Salutor as an opportunity to take care of your relationship

Create a relationship in which you find respect, understanding and supportive communication.

Switch off from work

Salutor as choice of well-being and self-development

Allow yourself to take a rest from everyday routine and discover the way how to renew your energy, grow your potential and communicate your limits.

Increase the chance to succeed

Salutor as a way to support sports performance

Learn techniques to support regeneration, increase the efficiency of your performance and challenge your achievements.

How SALUTOR helps you in everyday life?

You can discover Salutor in any area of ​​your lives. In the Salutor workshop, we will introduce you to the principles of the functioning of the human mind, equip you with tools to gain insight, and introduce you to techniques that will enable you to find your way in your personal and professional life. Understanding ourselves, finding satisfaction and finding out what we want or where to go next create important stepping stones for making the right decisions in our lives.

Manage difficult situations
Grow your potential
Improve concentration
Utilize your resources
Boost creativity
Reduce the risk of burnout

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Together with you, we create a counterpoint to dysfunctional systems. We support the growth of desirable aspects of your personality and we work on developing your potential.

Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral