Salutor, the frequency of wellbeing

Just as we experienced spontaneous feelings of joy and carefreeness in our childhood, we can even now get into landscapes of our Salutors. Into the zone, where we re-experience these feelings, where we can naturally develop our abilities, discover inspiration and allow ourselves to simply be ourselves.

Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral

Salutor is the author’s project of Ladislav Vedral and Iva Břízová in supporting and developing mental and physical health aimed to increase the quality of human life, finding the mental balance and reaching satisfaction at personal as well as professional level. 

Discover, experience and develop your Salutors

Our mission is to provide professional and comprehensive services, that will support you in reaching higher quality of life and exploring different perspectives. Our services are designed based on long-term cooperation with our clients. 

Salutor as an area for encouraging self-discovery, building confidence and strengthening self-worth.







Benefits for your daily life

The project is based on the application of techniques that are verified by science and practice. You can satisfy yourself of the effectiveness of the tools that we equip you with. Discover possibilities that these techniques allow you not only on the basis of the professional research but especially within their practical use in your everyday life. 

Gained knowledge and acquired techniques can help you

Manage difficult situations
Grow your potential
Improve concentration
Utilize your resources
Boost creativity
Reduce the risk of burnout

We look forward to meeting you at our events

You can choose either from a particular services, such as workshops, lectures, seminars and multi-day camps or within the mutual cooperation assemble mosaic, that will reflect your individual needs and interests. 

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Your reservations and questions

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We would like to inspire you to personally realize that mistakes are just experiences.

Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral

The techniques that we not only present to you in the seminars, but also cooperate with you to understand them, you can apply in practice, for example:

  • In an attempt to “restart” from everyday stress
  • As part of work engagement to reduce stress
  • When raising children and developing their potential 
  • When taking care of your relationships and partnerships
  • In increasing the quality of sports training
  • When doing sports or any hobby the way that you enjoy it
  • When learning the art of relaxation
  • In areas where you can develop difference and discover space for improvisation, creativity and experiment

You can also apply the techniques within your profession, for example as:

  • Educators and Teachers
  • Other education workers
  • Businessmen
  • Directors, Managers
  • Teams on projects
  • Workers in social services
  • Professional and amateur athletes
  • High school and university students
  • Employees in management and rank-and-file positions
  • And also for the profession of each of you, if you want to work on yourself

What matters to us in our mutual cooperation

We support you in respecting your uniqueness, within the framework of your chosen techniques.

Your knowledge is not important, but the motivation to learn something and the effort to try something.

Together with you, we discover the art of stepping away from the everyday templates of reality.

Fragments of our story

Lawyer, Accredited Mediator

  • Master’s degrees in Law and Media Communications at Charles University
  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Masaryk University
  • Research as part of final theses: Mediation in the Czech legal system and comparative analysis with foreign legislation, Portrayal of the character of the judge in selected Czech media, Publication of information about victims of crime: Protection of personality and freedom of speech
  • Graduate of a number of foreign study programs and internships (Alternative Dispute Resolution, University of Otago, New Zealand)
  • Educational ProgramTransforming Conflicts Across Cultures, Peaceful Dispute Resolution: SIT Graduate Institute, USA
  • Foreign political relations specialist clerk and service: Diplomatic Academy, s.r.o.

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

  • Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Philosophy , Department of Psychology
  • Final thesis research: Being in the zone (flow phenomenon)
  • Psychotherapeutic training – HERMÉS Group Praha – strategic and systemic cooperation and communication psychotherapy and hypnotherapy (800 hours)
  • Psychologist, marriage and family counselor in Counseling for family, marriage and interpersonal relationships & Previous experience as Psychologist in Pedagogical Psychological Counseling
  • Conducting professional seminars focused on the field of educational process
  • Focus on the application of the concept of Mindfulness not only within therapies, but also in the field of sports psychology

We look forward to embarking on an adventurous journey of discovering your Salutors with you.

Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral

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