Salutor, the frequency of wellbeing

Just as every situation has its alternative, for every story we find different points of view that can be reflected within the art of change.

Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral

Special edition of Christmas experiences

Give a moment under the Christmas tree that will bring experience, joy and improvement of mental well-being.

Salutor provides you with space to gain a different perspectives in your personal as well as professional life. Stepping back from your daily responsibilities allows you to discover new possibilities, be closer to your dreams and visions and make decisions that feel right to you.

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Salutor as satisfaction in your relationship

Create a relationship in which you can communicate and where you feel comfortable

Salutor for sportsmen

Find a balance between performance, health and recovery

Salutor in upbringing children

Discover a different perspective and possibilities in raising children

Salutor as a break from arduous work

Find out how to recharge your’s batteries and treat yourself to quality rest

Salutor university student

Get oriented in endless possibilities and find out how to manage the studies 

Salutory in our life

Develop your interests and find out what next steps would you like to take in your life

Salutor as caring for well-being and self-development

Take a rest from your demanding lifestyle

Salutor for high school student

Deal with the demands of your studies and find the course for your future

Salutor for artists

Boost your creativity and gain inspiration while being in flow

How SALUTOR helps you in everyday life?

You can discover Salutor in any area of ​​your lives. In the Salutor workshop, we will introduce you to the principles of the functioning of the human mind, equip you with tools to gain insight, and introduce you to techniques that will enable you to find your way in your personal and professional life. Understanding ourselves, finding satisfaction and finding out what we want or where to go next create important stepping stones for making the right decisions in our lives.

In which areas can you practically apply SALUTOR?

Restart from everyday stress

Take care of your relationships

Raise children and develop their potential 

Fully enjoy free time and your hobbies

Manage conflicts & Cope with challenging situations

Develop creativity and inspiration in diversity

Increase the effectiveness of training

Stop and take time for yourself

Switch off from work & Communicate your limits

How you can apply Salutor in your profession?

  • Educators and Teachers
  • Other education workers
  • Businessmen
  • Directors, Managers
  • Teams on projects
  • Workers in social services
  • Professional and amateur athletes
  • High school and university students
  • Employees in management and rank-and-file positions
  • And also for the profession of each of you, if you want to work on yourself

Practical information

  • Termín konání nejbližšího kurzu: 28.9. – 29.9.2022
  • Délka: 14 vyučovacích hodin + individuální konzultace
  • Místo: Jizerské hory
  • Maximální počet účastníků: 20
  • Lektoři: Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral

How is the course different

  • The course is led by two lecturers
  • se of a world-class educational program: SIT Graduate Institute, USA 
  • Multidisciplinary specialization of the lecturers and the linking of this knowledge within a comprehensive program (Alternative Dispute Resolution, Autogenic Training, Communication, Media and Communication Studies, Mindfulness, Law, Psychology, Therapy )

  • Personal consultation included as part of participation in the course (application of introduced techniques and tools for your use in practice) 
  • 25% discount on an individual consultation Option to choose a seminar:
  • Option to choose a seminar:

Your reservations and questions

Not sure how it will all work out?

We have prepared for you an introduction to the author’s program Salutor, where we will present the content of the program and the lecturers in more detail.

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Online performances:

If you are interested in an online presentation of the seminars and the program, please contact us, we will then provide you with more detailed information.

Manage difficult situations
Grow your potential
Improve concentration
Utilize your resources
Boost creativity
Reduce the risk of burnout

We look forward to meeting you at our events

You can choose either from a particular services, such as workshops, lectures, seminars and multi-day camps or within the mutual cooperation assemble mosaic, that will reflect your individual needs and interests. 

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Together with you, we create a counterpoint to dysfunctional systems. We support the growth of desirable aspects of your personality and we work on developing your potential.

Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral

Benefits for your daily life

We present you to techniques that are verified by science and practice. You can convince yourself of the possibilities of using these techniques not only on the basis of professional research, but above all during the practical use of these tools in your everyday reality.

We support you in respecting your uniqueness, within the framework of your chosen techniques.

Your knowledge is not important, but the motivation to learn something and the effort to try something.

Together with you, we discover the art of stepping away from the everyday templates of reality.

What matters to us in our mutual cooperation

Fragments of our story

Lawyer, Accredited Mediator

  • Master’s degrees in Law and Media Communications at Charles University
  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Masaryk University
  • Výzkumy v rámci závěrečných prací: Mediace v českém právním řádu a komparativní analýza se zahraniční právní úpravou, Zobrazování postavy soudce ve vybraných českých médiích, Zveřejňování informací o obětech trestné činnosti: Ochrana osobnosti a svoboda projevu
  • Graduate of a number of foreign study programs and internships (Alternative Dispute Resolution, University of Otago, New Zealand)
  • Educational ProgramTransforming Conflicts Across Cultures, Peaceful Dispute Resolution: SIT Graduate Institute, USA
  • Foreign political relations specialist clerk and service: Diplomatic Academy, s.r.o.

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

  • Masarykova univerzita v Brně, Filozofická fakulta, obor Psychologie
  • Výzkum v rámci závěrečné práce: Bytí v zóně (flow fenomén)
  • Psychotherapeutic training – HERMÉS Group Praha – strategic and systemic cooperation and communication psychotherapy and hypnotherapy (800 hours)
  • Psychologist, marriage and family counselor in Counseling for family, marriage and interpersonal relationships & Previous experience as Psychologist in Pedagogical Psychological Counseling
  • Conducting professional seminars focused on the field of educational process
  • Focus on the application of the concept of Mindfulness not only within therapies, but also in the field of sports psychology

We would like to inspire you to personally realize that mistakes are just experiences.

Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral

We look forward to embarking on an adventurous journey of discovering your Salutators with you.

Iva Břízová & Ladislav Vedral

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